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Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

This is a great pic and I love the way her boobs are just about staying in her bra, this is the sort of downblouse type of pic that really does it for any man who loves breasts. If you love downblouse pics and movies then stay tuned because I have some great stuff to show you. Downblouse is a nice fetish but there just isn’t much on the net, well apart from a really good site I am going to show you a bit later. It has real UK women who talk to the camera and bend over so you get some great downblouse shots. It really feels like the girls are talking to you and you really get a feel for how exciting it must be to be this close to some very sexy girls and getting to look right down their tops. If you like downblouse movies and you like the POV or Point Of View perspective you will love this.  I will add some downblouse movies here soon for you all to enjoy, so all you downblouse loving people can enjoy every minute of these movies. Obviously there will be better and lots lots more on the site. Sorry to tease you with all this talk of a great downlbouseloving site but I will be linking to it soon enough so for now just enjoy the downblouse pics and movies on here.